PPL Gets Wet

Ya'll- guess what the high is today- 101 degrees, and guess what the high is tomorrow- 102 degrees. The answer to this extreme heat dilemma is obviously to find the nearest swimming hole and jump on in sista. There is no sure or easy way to look foxy while swimming. The combination of glistening (storm queens do not sweat)and trying to contort your body in a position in that string bikini so it looks at least half way decent in the sunlight is just such a disaster. No wonder I've avoided the pool crisis for so long. But fear not my summer warriors- the key to looking great at the pool or any swimmie situation is a fabulous one piece. This bright floral print swimmie is perfect for any body type. The V-shape waistline will make your waist look tiny (yes please) and the frilly skirt hides any too-much-ice-cream-spots on your legs (double yes please). This sweet yet sassy swimmie will surely be your key to the ultimate fun summer. Well all know that PPL girls have the most fun. #pplstrat

swimmie is $25
size 4

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