The Crave and The Catch

Every week I usually call my mother and tell her about my recent adventures/happenings. Carla, my mother, is by far the stormiest of storm queens. Carla gives great advice, especially in the dating department. So, naturally I want to learn from the master on how to master the art of being single and fabulous (that's you- so own it). Her Disco Highness had one piece of advice- make him crave you. We all know men love the chase- however there is no point to the chase unless you give that poor man something to gawk over. So get your crave on with this bold cropped leopard shirt and high waisted (pocket-less) jeans. You are sure to stop people mid sentence when you strut your stuff. So I ask you ladies- are you cravable? #pplstrat

leopard cropped blouse is $15
high-waisted pocket-less jeans are $28

1 comment:

  1. love the leopard top! nice to meet you on saturday, sorry for being a blabbering drunk ass (kinda)