I hate to break the news to you but Storm Queens have to go to work too. So, for all my weekend disco divas out there, I've put together a chic and business appropriate look that you can wear to your nine to five. EW to the black slacks and frumpy cardigans- this is not the 80's ya'll! So sass that workplace up! This look can be achieved with a simple high-waist pant, a sexy white blouse, and an intricate belt. Can I just say that rockin' a  bold belt can draw the human eye to the skinniest part of your body- that's what we like ladies! Even if you have a happy hour date you can kick off your loafers and put these amazing dancing shoes on. It's five o'clock and still look hot. #pplstrat

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  1. HBIC Inc? LOVE IT!!! Lol.
    Very cute, btw! :)